My manifesto:


  • Every situation you experience is happening FOR you and not TO you

  • Where focus goes, energy flows

  • You attract things in your life based on how you feel.  So feel good like its your job!

  • Everything that happens to us, we give it a meaning.  We tell ourselves a story about it.  This story can be empowering or sabotaging to your success and happiness, so choose carefully what you say to yourself!


My name is Diamond Leone and I am a published Author, Multimillion dollar Real Estate Investor and mom to two wonderful children.  I’ve overcome so much in life using a powerful set of beliefs that I swear by, and recently learned these beliefs are actually now scientifically backed- who knew.  I am a professional optimist, eternal manifester, and adventurous soul who loves to laugh and be silly.  I am happiest when I am creating and helping others.  


I am passionate about teaching women how to unlock their inner power, bounce back from any situation not serving them and create the juiciest life filled with love, lots of money and happiness! 


If you are struggling to find your purpose, feeling emotionally stuck or not where you think you should be in your life, I want you to know that I’ve been there! I know firsthand how our brains can make us feel so unworthy, so limited, so frustrated…..


Several years ago, my life was completely transformed when I learned how the brain works and how we must have a mind body connection to tap into the power of our subconscious to create a new reality that we must experience and feel before we actually see it show up in our life.  If that sounds weird to you, don’t worry.  It did for me too when I was starting on my journey of self-love, healing and manifesting the life I now love and enjoy!


One of the quickest ways to facilitate this mind body connection is through a psychological technique called EFT tapping.  I went from being depressed, lost and at the mercy of my thoughts and feelings to someone with huge confidence, optimism about the future, and a new set of habits that became my new way of life.  


Whether you are on the second half of your life like me, or you are in your twenties trying to find your way, just know that you are never too old or too young to step into your authentic God given power!


I want to help you dream bigger, achieve more, and experience a type of inner peace and happiness that can never be taken away.  My first book “Get your happy back, 7 Principles to get unstuck and take back your power!” helps you do just that! It is an absolute MUST read for every woman who is tired of playing small and knows deep down that she deserves so much more from life! 


I am just getting started on the incredible things that I will be creating for you.  My mission here is to support you, help you learn empowering skills and give you a sense of community where you will feel valued and loved!

XOXO, Diamond